Guitars Not Guns provides guitars and free guitar lessons to foster children and at-risk youth.
Our instructors need not be polished professional musicians. The kids are beginning guitar students. This means that, over an 8 week course, they learn the parts of the guitar, how to hold it, a simple up and down strum and fingerpicking position, and the open position major chords. The classes are as much about being a role model as they are about being a guitar instructor. We train our instructors, usually during one of the classes - it takes about an hour - so prior instructor experience is not necessary. Just advise of your availability to show up at one of the classes for the on the job instruction.

You do not have to know how to play guitar to be a volunteer.  We also need volunteers to check in our students, organize and file student applications and contracts, keep track of guitars, follow up with students who fail to attend class, help with grant writing and fundraising, and perform a litany of other functions in support of Guitars not Guns' music program.

Many of our students own nothing of their own and have been shifted around the child care system - sometimes several different homes in a single year. Others have difficult economic, social, medical or other familial issues  At the conclusion of the classes, if they persevere, the students are rewarded with guitars, gig bags, and accessories so that they can continue their studies. However, during the course of the classes, the students believe the guitars have been loaned and it is their contractual responsibility to take care of them. It is an amazing experience to see these kids light up when, at the final session, they realize the guitars are theirs - sometimes it is the only thing they have.

We welcome new volunteers, instructors and assistant instructors. F
ederal and state statutes and Guitars not Guns' insurers require people working with children to have background checks. The information obtained on a background check cannot be shared between organizations.  Teachers, hospital workers, law enforcement people, etc who have had background checks through their employers need to have it done for Guitars not Guns.  Therefore, GNG has set up it's own account with Intellicorp.  The procedure is painless and results are almost immediate.  Information is always kept confidential and you may have a copy of your report if you request it in writing.  The cost is $14.99, WHICH IS PAID BY OUR CHAPTER. 

The Teacher Application will be emailed to you, send your request to Barbara.gorin@guitarsnotguns.org.  Please complete the Application and send a completed copy to us by email and send the completed original with your check made payable to Guitars Not Guns, Inc. in the sum of $14.99 to Guitars not Guns' home office.  We will reimburse you for the fee.  If you want a copy of the completed background check please send a note to that affect with the completed original application and check to our home office.  Here is the home office address:

Guitars not Guns
PO Box 3562
Peachtree City, GA 30269

If you have any questions about the background check  please call (770) 861-2443.

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