Friday, March 1, 2019


NAMM 2019

Our Guitars not Guns National group, were excited to attend NAMM 2019, (National Association of Music Merchants) and visit all of our vendors and meet new potential vendors that work with our program Nationally, and locally.  If you are not familiar with NAMM, is a music trade show in Anaheim, CA yearly. 

This year, in attendance was Barbara Gorin, (Contra Costa County, California), Steve Vagnini, (Monterrey County California), Richard Salazar, (Oregon), Bruce Johnson, (Contra Costa County, California) and Tim Patchin, (Monterrey County, California). 

We visited with D'Addario, Yamaha, The Music Link and others.  Below are some photos, courtesy of our official Guitars not Guns NAMM Photographer, Michael J. Padilla.

NAMM 2019

Above photo - Harrison Perri of the Music Link with Tim Patchin, Harrison Perri, Barbara Gorin, Steve Vagnani, Bruce Johnson

Above photo:  Jay Kirkland, Mono cases 
Above photo:  Barbara Gorin, Suzanne D'Addario-Brouder (D'Addario Foundation), Richard Salazar 
 Above photo:  Richard Salazar, Steve Vagnini, Barbara Gorin, Suzanne D'Addario-Brouder (D'Addario Foundation)

Above photo: 

Tim Patchin, Steve Vagnini, Richard Salazar, Bruce Johnson, Barbara Gorin, Suzanne D'Addario-Brouder (D'Addario Foundation), Jay Kirkland

 Above photo:  Richard SalazarBarbara Gorin, Suzanne D'Addario-Brouder (D'Addario Foundation)

 Above photo:  Yamaha
Bruce Johnson, Tim Patchin,  Richard Salazar, Dennis Webster (Yamaha), Barbara Gorin, Steve Vagnini, Jay Kirkland
  Above photo:  Yamaha

Bruce Johnson, Tim Patchin, Richard Salazar, Dennis Webster (Yamaha), Barbara Gorin, Steve Vagnini, Jay Kirkland

Above photo:  
Steve Vagnini, Jack Gibson (Exodus), 

Above photo:
Yamaha Artist Jack Gibson
Jack Gibson (Exodus), Jay Kirkland

Music is Everything! 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year!


As we roll into a new year, we are looking forward to starting new 8 week sessions.  We are always looking for volunteer guitar instructors - please help us spread the word, so we can have a bigger and better year with more classes than ever!  

Here is a great story co-produced by Julia Chan, who was with Richmond Confidential.  Volunteer Jay Kirkland, our VP of special projects and instructor, is interview and it captures the passion he has for this program. 

Please view the video here:  Richmond Confidential Interviews Jay Kirkland